Summary of the Objective for Neo4j Example


Neo4j had a very different type of query language to any other database like MySql, Sql and etc. That’s why I am trying to practice different query of neo4j and create a simple relationship examples. And every relationship in any databases need tables. In neo4j, tables are nodes. Querying neo4j is not that easy, as a backend developer I must secure that nodes are compatible with other nodes for the relationship connections. Like creating an CustomerID in node customer which is primary key of the node customer and another CustomerID in node Order which is the foreign key to connect the two tables.

  • So the first objective is to create a simple Nodes and secure that the nodes are link to each other for the relationship connection.
  •  Next is to create Indexes of data for performance. 

    CREATE INDEX ON :Product(productID);

    CREATE INDEX ON :Product(productName);

    CREATE INDEX ON :Category(CategoryID);

    CREATE INDEX ON :Employee(employeeID);

    CREATE INDEX ON :Supplier(supplierID);

    CREATE INDEX ON :Customer(customerID);

    CREATE INDEX ON :Customer(customerNAME);


    • Then the relationships of one node to anotherAnd lastly, I will try to create an API or REST API


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