DevOpsDays DC, Day 1

Summary from yesterday’s DevOpsDays: I am recovering from the after-party!

It was a great first day! Some reactions from the first three keynotes:

  • John B. Owens II: The PTO is a revenue-neutral organization, funded only by patent application fees. So they’re more like a business, very responsive. Devops matters to them!
  • Mark A. Schwartz: I really got a lot out of this talk. Some highlights: “Business Value” is a poorly defined term. Attempts to tie it to profit often fail. My big takeaway from this “meditation on business value” (his words): non-hierarchical empowered teams rock!
  • David Copeland: You can build the dev of your business around AWS, and delay hiring Ops specialists.
  • Tapabrata Pal: Capitol One is 20 years young in the banking world, and focuses on agile/devops. They built an awesome build status visualizer called Hygieia which I really want to try out.
  • Trent Hone, Laura Barton: Tying evolutionary patterns in nature to real world business cases.

More to come!