Report on Bassist

From this List that has given:

aniso8601 (1.1.0)
bassist (0.0.1.dev0, /Users/kydev/Coding/bassist)
BTrees (4.1.4)
click (6.6)
Flask (0.11.1)
Flask-RESTful (0.3.5)
itsdangerous (0.24)
Jinja2 (2.8)
keyring (7.3)
MarkupSafe (0.23)
persistent (4.1.1)
pip (7.1.2)
py (1.4.30)
py2neo (2.0.8)
pytest (2.8.1)
python-dateutil (2.5.3)
pytz (2016.4)
PyYAML (3.11)
savant (0.0.1.dev0, /Users/kydev/Coding/savant)
setuptools (15.0)
six (1.9.0)
transaction (1.4.4)
Werkzeug (0.11.10)
zc.lockfile (1.1.0)
ZConfig (3.0.4)
zdaemon (4.1.0)
ZODB (4.2.0)
zodbpickle (0.6.0)
zope.interface (4.1.2)

Seems like the requirements of the others can from savant requirements.txt. And some came from master branch of bassist repo like ZOBD. And some are from neo4j branch of bassist repo.

Attach image below shows the given list of requirements:

Only if I am not getting this kind output.

Is this normal?

But anyways. I got 5 Snapshots from neo4j

-Mark Doctor


Report on Delta Directories Scan

Correct me if I am wrong about this. I ran all delta-directories to VM.

Then I scan them with their  following host and user.

And the Scanned Items.

Still working on how to bring up this scanned items to Neo4j API using the Savant. I am trying to use the create_automation of the bassist repo and then run it to the savant repo as snapshots.

-Mark Doctor

Savant API Server

First, I install neo4j database and its dependencies(which is java oracle) from root(Super User) and it runs very good. Now lets go to Savant_API_Server. When i first run the api server. i got some exception. Saying i have to install keyrings.altSo I installed keyrings.alt and it run.

The next error would be about the database. saying  py2neo.database.status.Unathorized. But I can open the API server from localhost

with the same user and password as the neo4j database.

I even tried to edit

I really dont know if it is the keyrings.alt that i installin savant or the installation of neo4j database itself as a root. (Without the help of ansible and vagrant).

Hope you can help me again.

And by the way. This is my list

Thank you in advance. Have a good day

Testing out code highlighting

I just installed the code highlighting plugin. Works neat! It auto-detects the language. Here’s some Javascript, from the web front-end code:

'use strict';

angular.module('myApp.view1', ['ngRoute'])

.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
  $routeProvider.when('/view1', {
    templateUrl: 'view1/view1.html',
    controller: 'View1Ctrl'

.controller('View1Ctrl', [ '$scope', '$log', '$http', function($scope, $log, $http) {
  $ = '';
  $scope.names = [{name:"Chris"}, {name:"Calvin"}];
  $scope.addName = function() {
    $scope.names.push( {'name':$} );
    $ = '';
  $http.get("http://localhost:5000/snapshots").then(function(response) {
    $scope.snapshots =;

Here’s a random Python stack trace:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1, in 
Exception: foobar

Neo4j Database and API

  1. Running Neo4j Database. Using sudo su(super user) instead of ansible and vagrant. But anyways i can re-install it in Vagrant. Perfectly i run it in http://localhost:7474/browser/.
  2.  Starting up API server. Using vtenv(virtualenv savant), tried running savant_api_server in courtesy of Mr. Randy Lastinger of  how to API my neo4j in YOUTUBE. Thanks by the way.
  3. An error occured saying ” raise RuntimeError(“No recommended backend was available. Install the ”
    RuntimeError: No recommended backend was available. Install the keyrings.alt package if you want to use the non-recommended backends. See README.rst for details   “.
  4. Python environments setup was edited. Keyrings package check(recomended but its not the solution).
  5. Tried to run it in VM and check if the dependency of keyring is in their. Virtualenv as well(not recomended).
  6.  Clone Repo from, Just run
  7. Another error saying ”   raise Unauthorized(self.uri.string)
    py2neo.database.status.Unauthorized: http://localhost:7474/db/data/“.

Tomorrow i will continue to review about python API servers.


Please notify me if there is something wrong with this.


P.S Sir Kurt Yoder, please grant me a permission to post images.

Welcome Mark!

Things are moving forward here at Doveps. This week was the first week of our first paid employee! His name is Mark, and he hails from the Philippines.

For A-squared, the tools and technologies we use are a little less common than the standard “LAMP” stack. The biggest difference is that we are using a graph database: Neo4j.

The tutorials for Neo4j talk a lot about graphs as applied to social media. A-squared is a lot like social media for configuration management. Instead of using the wisdom of crowds to find large scale patterns, we will apply the wisdom of system administrators and engineers to generate configuration management patterns.

Mark’s work will be moving us in this direction. He will be building Neo4j queries, and attaching them to Python APIs. This sets us up for success in helping companies automate DevOps.

Please join me in welcoming Mark to Doveps!

DevOpsDays DC, Day 2

Following up from my earlier DevOpsDays DC, Day 1 post, here are some thoughts both from today, and from the conference as a whole.

  • Nathen Harvey is an awesome organizer! Shout out for making everything smooth, and keeping people as comfortable as we can be while pushing us outside our comfort zones.
  • At the opening of the conference, Nathen had everyone stand up, then sit us down by groups depending on answers to questions. For instance “have you been to a conference”, “have you been to DevOpsDays”. It was a great participatory method, and by the end a really effective visual indicator of the few really new people. Those people would have gotten lost in a sea of hands, or maybe have felt too nervous to raise their hand. See “pushing outside comfort zone”. That’s how we grow!
  • The organizers sounded these really cool chimes, by hand, when it was time to assemble, or to notify a speaker they’re out of time. Really nice, human-centered way to get this done.
  • Slide Karaoke! I’ll post a video when I get it. Fun way to get up in front of everyone and break the ice.